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At MacLean Chung Law Firm, we pride ourselves on treating each client with a high degree of both professionalism and personal attention. Our attorneys, G. Thomas MacLean Jr. and David H. Chung, take a collaborative approach to each case.

Burbank Lawyers, Trusted and Experienced

Even though one attorney will be directly responsible for your case, both attorneys often will take part in initial consultations and evaluate your case throughout the representation.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Our experienced lawyers are handle a wide range of family law cases. We understand that these times may be emotional for you. MacLean Chung Law Firm is here to provide our experience, professionalism and collaborative approach to solving your dilemma through both mediation and trial litigation.


Filing for Bankruptcy can be difficult on many levels. An underlying financial hardship may lead to bankruptcy, but how will the bankruptcy fees be paid? We understand the difficult predicament of having to pay for a bankruptcy attorney when experiencing a great financial hardship. That is why we have the most reasonable fees and fee payment arrangements in Los Angeles County.


Restraining Orders

The Los Angeles restraining order attorneys of MacLean Chung Law Firm understand the threat you are under and take your situation seriously. Threats of violence from those you are related to (domestic violence restraining order) or others (civil harassment restraining orders) are taken very seriously in the court system and should be treated seriously by all parties.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers

Focusing on bankruptcy, divorce, and restraining orders the lawyers at MacLean Chung Law Firm can help you with your case. Our main office is located in Burbank, California and we have branch offices in Pasadena, Torrance and Santa Clarita. Our lawyers understand that you are a unique person who is in need of a knowledgeable and compassionate professional. Our attorneys see you as an individual, not as a case. Our attorneys will give you personal attention and work with you to determine your best legal remedy.

At MacLean Chung Law Firm, our experienced lawyers work to ensure your case is handled in the most efficient and professional manner possible. Our collaborative approach gives us the opportunity to have multiple perspectives on your case. Our focused lawyers are able to provide creative solutions that keep your best interest a top priority.

Schedule a Free Consultation With the Divorce Lawyers of MacLean Chung Law Firm

Our family law lawyers handle a broad range of cases. We know you are going through a stressful time in your life and will work with you to resolve your case so that you can begin to live the rest of your life. A divorce lawyer will advise you of your rights.  We are a full service family law law office.  Whether its divorce, child custody, child support or spousal support, a judgement modification, or uncontested divorce our family law attorneys can help you with your case.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy is a decision that is often fraught with guilt and stress. Before you make the decision get all the facts from a free bankruptcy consultation from our office. Our clients appreciate speaking directly to a bankruptcy attorney, instead of a paralegal or secretary. Some of questions we’ll address are: Do you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? What debts does bankruptcy eliminate? What is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Do you have large medical bills and are you contemplating a medical bankruptcy?  Are you being sued by a company that has purchased your credit card debt, such as Midland Funding LLC, Porfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., or CACH LLC?  Do you have a wage garnishment that is about to take place?  And would bankruptcy be right in your situation? Clients continually compliment our bankruptcy attorneys on their ability to explain bankruptcy in a common sense approach and provide comprehensive legal advice on filing for bankruptcy.


Restraining Order Attorney

If someone is harassing you or causing you harm, it is time to consider a restraining order. Our Restraining Order Attorneys will help you obtain or defend a restraining order. We represent clients with both domestic violence restraining orders and civil harassment restraining orders. Let our restraining order lawyers in Burbank get a temporary restraining order and represent you at the restraining order hearing.

Contact the Bankruptcy and Divorce Lawyers of MacLean Chung Law Firm to Schedule a Free Consultation

Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our main office is in Burbank, California. For your convenience, our attorneys can also meet by appointment at our branch offices in Pasadena, Torrance, and Santa Clarita (Valencia), California. We accept all major credit cards. Contact the Lawyers of MacLean Chung Law Firm on-line or at 818-305-6200 to set up a free 30 minute consultation

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