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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Some larger firms handle bankruptcy proceedings like a production line. The bankruptcy attorneys at MacLean Chung Law Firm will never do that. We will give you the personal attention you deserve. Moreover, we charge well below the the industry average for upfront Chapter 13 bankruptcy fees. Get your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case filed for less.

We understand that you are a unique person and we will address your dilemma in that manner. Our bankruptcy lawyers will find out as much as we can about you, your situation and your goals, and use this information to protect you in the long run.

If you are in need of debt relief, you must contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you allow our attorneys to start working on your bankruptcy case, the sooner you can begin working to create a fresh new financial life.

Debt Reorganization Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a form of debt reorganization. Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you a period of time to pay off your debts. Chapter 13 repayment plans last for 3 or 5 years. Whether you will be required to do a 3 or 5 year plan will depend on your income. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to repay a portion of your debt (including a portion of your attorneys fees) over the course of the payment plan. At the conclusion of the debt repayment period, any remaining unsecured debt is discharged. Contact a Bankruptcy attorney at MacLean Chung Law Firm to discuss Chapter 13 repayment plans.

Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not place any of your property in danger of being seized. You will not lose any property when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers some powerful remedies that are not available under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The most powerful and appealing of these remedies is the ability to discharge a second mortgage on your home. If your house is worth less than your first mortgage, then your second mortgage is completely unsecured. As such, it is treated like any other unsecured debt and can be subject to discharge in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If your goal is to stop the foreclosure of your home, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best alternative.

The bankruptcy attorney at MacLean Chung Law Firm will tell you if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a viable alternative for your situation. Although Chapter 13 bankruptcy has some very powerful remedies, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not for everyone. You must consult with a bankruptcy lawyer at our firm before choosing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Burbank bankruptcy lawyers at MacLean Chung Law Firm will give you an honest assessment of your case.


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