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Medical Debt Bankruptcy

Los Angeles Medical Debt Bankruptcy Attorneys

People file for bankruptcy for a number of reasons.  However, the leading cause of bankruptcy is medical debt.  It is estimated that nearly 2 million people will file for bankruptcy because of medical debt this year alone.

Usually this happens to middle class families who have their lives turned upside down by a medical emergency or major illness.  Our bankruptcy attorneys have filed bankruptcy for many people who have astronomical medical bills.  Don’t let medical bills destroy your life.  Talk to one of our Los Angeles medical bankruptcy attorneys today to learn more about medical bankruptcy.


A Medical Debt Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles Can Help You Walk Away From Your Medical Debts Starting at $925.00

Filing for bankruptcy with medical debt can involve some additional work.  The reason is that it is not uncommon for medical debt to be omitted from your credit report.  Not only that, but in many cases one visit to a hospital will generate four or more different bills.  In many medical debt cases, there is a danger of accidentally leaving a creditor out of the bankruptcy petition.  Therefore, in cases where there is a lot of medical debt, our medical bankruptcy attorneys make sure, by thoroughly working with our clients, that all of their medical debt is listed on their bankruptcy petition.

A medical bankruptcy is the most common cause of bankruptcy in the United States of America.  And usually there’s little to nothing that could have been done to prevent it from happening.  If you don’t have adequate health insurance and you or a family member gets a major illness, you will be dealing with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt.  Even the most prudent financial planning cannot foresee the traumatic, unexpected nature of a major illness.

Bankruptcy is there for a reason.  It is intended to give you a fresh start and allow you to rebuild your credit.  Unexpectedly contracting an illness and the associated debts is one of the most valid reasons to file for bankruptcy.  If you are interested in learning more about a medical debt bankruptcy, please call a medical bankruptcy attorney at (818) 305-6200.

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