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February 2012
A few months ago American Airlines filed for bankruptcy.  Many people fear bankruptcy and see it as the death of their financial lives.  What they do not realize is that bankruptcy is the best route to get a fresh start and their finances in order.  American Airlines predicts the same.  The Los Angeles Times reports:...
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An article in the Los Angeles Times today told of a San Bernardino family who was able to win back their house. The foreclosure was rescinded.  Now it is up to her and Bank of America to come to a settlement on the loan terms.  Here is an excerpt from the article:   Foreclosure commonly...
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Did you that foreclosure defense is a big developing area of the law?  But what exactly is foreclosure defense?  Foreclosure defense is essentially fighting every aspect of home foreclosure. It usually begins with a lawsuit filed against the bank that owns the note on your house.  The lawsuit is based upon the contention that the...
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