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May 2021
Larry King
On January 23, 2021, celebrated television and radio host, Larry King, passed away at the age of 87. Larry King’s death and the complex events that followed in relation to his estate reveal the importance of updating and amending your estate plan. Life happens. Marriages end or see their beginning. Relationships with children and loved...
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Although we’ve written about it in our past blog posts (here), it’s still heartbreaking to listen to new clients tell their stories with debt consolidation/settlement companies.  Just recently, we took on another client who was in a debt consolidation (with a national company that advertises relentlessly) plan for about 1.5 years.  He paid them more...
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There are many reasons to why bankruptcy is the best choice to deal with your debt issues.  Here are the top 3. 1.) Filing bankruptcy is the fastest way to get all of your creditors instantly off your back. There is no faster way to stop the lawsuits, harassing calls and threatening letters than to...
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What happens if I become incapacitated?   It is important to think about what would happen to you in the event that you become incapacitated. Before we begin to tackle this issue, we have to understand what the word “incapacity” really means. An incapacitated person is one that does not possess the mental capacity to...
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