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Foreclosure Defense

Are you Facing Foreclosure on Your Home in California?

If you are facing a home foreclosure in California, and you’d like to speak with an attorney (no cost) about your options, Maclean Chung is here for you.

During your free consultation, we’ll talk about your goals and your specific financial situation.

  • Maybe your smartest move is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which stops your foreclosure and helps you set up a payment plan to protect your home and assets..
  • Or maybe it makes sense to hire a lawyer who can sue your lender and aggressively negotiate a loan modification.
  • Or maybe it’s even a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that stops your foreclosure and often gets you many, many months of time in your property to sort out your next step and strategy… For those months, you could stay in your home while not making mortgage payments, buy time to negotiate a loan modification, catch-up on your payments, or complete a short sale to put money in your pocket.

Foreclosure Defense Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Facing bankruptcy or other debt relief options is never easy, but having an experienced lawyer figure out what bankruptcy options are best for your financial situation can help. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Immediately stops the foreclosure sale of your home
  • Reduces the total amount you owe
  • Lowers your interest rate
  • Cuts your monthly payments down to an amount that’s more manageable
  • Can help you eliminate your second mortgage
  • Eliminates late fees and missed payment penalties
  • Puts an end to harassing calls from debt collectors

If you are looking to stop foreclosure on your home in California, we’ll listen to your story, assess your personal finances, determine the legal status of the foreclosure action that has or is about to be filed against you, identify your immediate needs and craft a plan of action and resolution strategy designed specifically for you.

Call our foreclosure defense lawyers at Maclean Chung 7 days a week for a free, confidential consultation.

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