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Wage Garnishment Attorney

Immediately Stop Wage Garnishment with a Los Angeles Wage Garnishment Attorney

Have you been notified by your employer about a wage garnishment?  Filing for bankruptcy will immediately stop your wage garnishment.

If you have questions about bankruptcy, please check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” page for answers to the most common bankruptcy questions.

You Don’t Have To Suffer Through a Wage Garnishment

A judgement from a civil lawsuit can result in a wage garnishment.  It can be one of the most embarrassing moments in a person’s life.  Your boss or the Human Resources department calls you in and tells you that they have received a wage garnishment order from the Sheriff’s Department.  Although a wage garnishment is unpleasant, it can be easily stopped by filing for bankruptcy.

In most bankruptcy cases, wage garnishments are from companies such as Midland Funding LLC, LVNV, CACH LLC, Calvary Portfolio, and Portfolio Recovery Associates among others.  These companies deal in charged off credit card debt.  Once a debt has been charged off by a credit card company, these companies purchase your debt at a fraction of the cost, usually pennies on the dollar.  After they purchase the debt, they proceed to obtain judgements in a court of law.


A Wage Garnishment Attorney Can Help You To Stop Wage Garnishment with Bankruptcy

There are many websites and even attorneys who state that you should fight these lawsuits because the companies have little chance of winning.  That is probably better than doing nothing.  But usually the best alternative is really to file bankruptcy.  Why?  It’s simple.  Bankruptcy is the most cost effective way to push the restart button on your finances and immediately stop wage garnishment.  People who have a wage garnishment from one these companies usually have a number of charged off accounts and unpaid debts.

You can either choose to fight each debt one at a time, which will come at a great expense if you hire an attorney to represent you; or you can file for bankruptcy with our firm which will take care of every debt in one action.

In addition, bankruptcy will also provide the fastest way to rebuild a credit score damaged by years of neglect and unpaid bills.

A wage garnishment is one of the most common reasons people file for bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy will stop the wage garnishment, but it is important to file bankruptcy as soon as possible in order to stop any future wage garnishments from occurring. A wage garnishment can be stopped quickly with bankruptcy.  “How long does it take to stop a wage garnishment?” was a topic on one of our blog posts.

Once a bankruptcy is filed, our wage garnishment attorneys will contact the creditor responsible for the wage garnishment and request that they send a release to the sheriff’s department enforcing the wage garnishment order.  Once the sheriff’s office receives the release from the creditor, they will notify the employer that the wage garnishment has ceased.  This entire process can take several days to complete.

If you have received a wage garnishment order and would like to stop it before it takes effect, call a bankruptcy attorney at MacLean Chung Law Firm to discuss your bankruptcy options.

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