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There are other law firms out there advertising for bankruptcy for less than our lowest fee of $925.00. Some even say that they can file your bankruptcy for as low as $595.00.  But you really need to be careful when you hire a bankruptcy lawyer.  Most of these low fees you see on Google do not include representation at the meeting of creditors. Moreover, they are not upfront with you about all the fees.  Unfortunately, it is a very common practice to have hidden fees.  Not only that but do little research and see what reviews on Yelp says about these businesses.  It seems like a nightmare and is a good example of the dangers of getting the cheapest bankruptcy attorney possible.

I was in a meeting of creditors a while back and there was a number of cases from one of these bankruptcy law firms.  It was shocking to see that only one of their clients showed up to the 341(a) meeting.  And they had about 5 scheduled.  Sure, things happen and a client may miss the meeting of creditors.  But I have never seen 4 out of 5 not show up before.  Not only that, but the one person that did show up was told by the bankruptcy trustee that he would have to surrender over $100,000.00 to the bankruptcy court.  He showed up with a new attorney, but it was too late.  Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy puts your property into the bankruptcy estate.  If he had come to me, I would have advised him to not file bankruptcy and told him to go on his way…without taking a dime from him.

Our bankruptcy fees are low and start at only $925.00 (including representation at the meeting of creditors).  We are able to offer that price because of our efficient business model.  If a case is more complicated, we charge more.  In determining our fees what we always ask ourselves is…”how much would I be comfortable charging my friends or family members without feeling guilty about it afterwards.”  This ensures that we have a fair and competitive fee.

If you are looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles give me a call at (818) 305-6200 and I’ll be happy to talk to you about your case.

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