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Child Support And Spousal Support Lawyers

A Los Angeles child support lawyer can help you understand the laws of domestic support.  California Child Support Guidelines are set up to make child support an easy, inflexible formula by which the court will determine child support following divorce proceedings. In nearly all cases, these guidelines cannot be negotiated at all. The formula is a comparison of how much money you earn versus how much time you will spend with the child. Our child support attorneys will be able to work with you in more detail regarding the specifics of the Child Support Guidelines.

There are fourteen factors in California Family Code §4320 that are used to determine spousal support (alimony). These factors are considered in the calculation of spousal support. Some important factors are the standard of living established during the marriage, history of domestic violence, ability to pay spousal support, duration of marriage, and age and health of the parties. Contact a spousal support lawyer from MacLean Chung Law Firm to discuss all 14 factors in determining spousal support.

Generally speaking, spousal support will continue for half of the length of the time of marriage, unless it is considered a long term marriage. A long term marriage or a marriage of “long duration” is one that has lasted for 10 years. In a long term marriage, a court retains jurisdiction indefinitely on the question of spousal support. Contact our Burbank alimony attorneys today to discuss whether or not your marriage is a long term marriage and what that means for spousal support.

Child Support and Spousal Support Lawyers of MacLean Chung Law Firm

It is important to remember that the calculation for spousal support is more fluid and flexible than the calculation for child support. At MacLean Chung Law Firm, our support attorneys will work with you through each of the 14 factors to ensure the support is fair.

Child and Spousal Support can usually be first established on a temporary basis, when a divorce action is first filed. Temporary support can be established through an agreement between the parties or through a “pendente lite” order by the court. A “pendente lite” or temporary support order is usually made during an OSC “Order to Show Cause” hearing. If the parties do not come to a permanent agreement on the terms of support a trial will be necessary and the court will make the permanent support orders. Following your divorce proceeding, both child and spousal support can always be modified based upon a change of circumstance from the previous support order. In many instances, parties go to court years after a divorce to get their support orders modified.

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