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An article in the Los Angeles Times today told of a San Bernardino family who was able to win back their house. The foreclosure was rescinded.  Now it is up to her and Bank of America to come to a settlement on the loan terms.  Here is an excerpt from the article:


Foreclosure commonly represents the end of a struggle. A borrower can’t pay a mortgage, loses a home and moves on.

But Karen Mena, a 38-year-old county worker, never gave up. Mena fought even after her San Bernardino home was no longer hers. And she won the three-bedroom house back — at least for now.

The ordeal isn’t over yet. The eviction was stopped and Bank of America canceled the foreclosure because of the possibility that the loan would be modified to make it more affordable.

But Mena continues to negotiate with the bank over loan terms. She could still lose the house where she built a life and raised two sons.


Read the rest of the article in the Los Angeles Times.  If you are contemplating bankruptcy contact a Burbank Bankruptcy Attorney.


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