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Many people file bankruptcy because of a pending lawsuit.  Being personally served with a Summons to go to court can be a daunting experience.  And filing for bankruptcy will put an immediate end to most lawsuits.

Many people I speak to are surprised that a credit card company or some other company that now owns the credit card debt is willing to go to the trouble to file a lawsuit against them for just a few thousand dollars.  However, if you wait long enough someone will eventually sue you for that debt.

For many people, the initiation of a lawsuit is not enough motivation to file bankruptcy.  Some people will only act when their wages are garnished or when all of their bank account is emptied through a bank levy.

Unfortunately, bankruptcy usually takes some time to file.  And waiting until the last second can be a recipe for disaster.  If you have debt that has not been paid in some time, it may be time to talk to a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.

Our Burbank bankruptcy lawyers, Pasadena bankruptcy lawyers, San Fernando bankruptcy lawyers or Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyers can meet you at an office closest to you for a free consultation.  If bankruptcy is not the right option for you we’ll let you know what your options are given your particular situation.

Although we want your business, our bankruptcy lawyers are bound to look after your best interest.  If doing something other than filing for bankruptcy would be best in your situation our bankruptcy attorneys will let you know.  Do not wait until its too late and a judgement has been filed against you.  Be proactive and learn about your options.

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