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Fees Starting at $925


Low Cost Bankruptcy Fees Starting at $925

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Starting at $925

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  • I was referred to MacLean Chung Firm by a family friend and I would refer them to anyone else who is in need of their services. They made me feel comfortable and was always there to answer any questions I had. Thank you again for helping me get back on track!
    Aime B.
  • Great service, very informative and easy to work with. I was able to make payments, which was really helpful for me. I was kept in contact via email and text, contacted prior to my meeting of creditors with a reminder on what to bring to the hearing. It all went so smoothly, I’m so glad I chose Maclean Chung to help me through this.
    Yvette M.
  • David helped me out probably in my lowest point of life. He and his staff have been assuring and punctual, professional in every way. With their help I got my life back. I’m so glad I went to this firm and followed David’s advice. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone I know. Thank you so much!
    Jessica L.


Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys

Filing for bankruptcy is a last resort.  It is something that most people will only do reluctantly. Most people wait too long to file bankruptcy and often could have saved thousands of dollars if they had filed earlier.  Whether you are filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, talking to an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney can help you formulate a plan to get back on your feet and have a financial fresh start.

Check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” page for answers to the most common bankruptcy questions.

1. Great Reviews on Yelp and Google. Our law firm has been around for over 10 years and we have filed well over 1000 bankruptcy cases and have consulted with thousands more.  Finding a bankruptcy law firm you can trust can be difficult. We have heard countless horror stories. Our law firm prides itself on providing honest, professional and friendly service to our clients. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp and rest assured that we will handle your case with care and skill.

2. Low Cost Bankruptcy Fees.  We believe in providing quality representation at a low fee. That is why our fees start at $925* We understand you are having financial difficulties, so our fees are structured with that in mind. Our fees are based on the complexity of your case. If you have a relatively simple case, our fees will reflect that fact. You will be given a quote of our services at the conclusion of your consultation.  

3. We Guarantee Your Discharge.  In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, we guarantee your discharge.  If your case gets dismissed without a discharge because of an error we made, we will refund the attorney’s fee back to you.  The only thing we ask is that you cooperate in your bankruptcy case and complete all your requirements, including being honest and forthright about all your assets.  Ask other bankruptcy attorneys to guarantee your discharge and they will laugh and tell you that no bankruptcy attorney would do that.  The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys at MacLean Chung Law Firm are a little different.  We take our commitment to you seriously and we are willing to guarantee your discharge to show our commitment to serving you properly.

4. Payment Plans Available.  The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys at MacLean Chung Law Firm understand that you are filing for bankruptcy because you have a tight budget.  That is why we accept payment plans.  Our fees can be stretched out into four (4) monthly payments making the fees easy to afford.  However, we do not file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case until your fees are all paid in full.

5. Filing Fee Waiver Available. The current filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is $335.00.  If you qualify for a filing fee, you can dramatically lower your overall cost.  We will help you to prepare your filing fee waiver and help you to request a fee waiver with the court.

6. Free Consultation. Most bankruptcy consultations are free.  When you call in to our office you can talk to a bankruptcy attorney instead of a paralegal or secretary.  If a bankruptcy attorney is not available at the time you call, we will return your call within the same day.  Moreover, unlike many bankruptcy law firms, you will meet with an actual Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney when you come in for your consultation.


Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys Committed to Serving The Community

Our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys are committed serving the community of Los Angeles successfully file for bankruptcy.  That is why our fees start at only $925.00.  Most other bankruptcy attorneys charge an attorney fee ranging from $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.  Moreover, our Chapter 13 bankruptcy upfront attorney fees are also one of the lowest in Los Angeles County.  We can charge more but keeping our prices low and affordable for proper bankruptcy representation reflects our effort to best serve the Los Angeles community.

We have offices all across the greater Los Angeles area to better serve our clients.  Although our main office is in Burbank, we also have offices in Pasadena and Santa Clarita.  We serve all of Los Angeles County including, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Compton, Downey, Koreatown, South Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Pedro, Malibu, Compton, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Arcadia, Alhambra, Montrose, Monrovia, and all areas in between.

Filing for bankruptcy is a decision fraught with stress and anxiety.  It is not uncommon for people to feel intense shame upon filing for bankruptcy.  Our compassionate and knowledgeable Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys understand the emotions you are going through and will do everything we can to help guide you through this difficult time.  We will explain bankruptcy in terms that you can understand and also take the time to make sure that we have addressed all of your concerns.

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*$925 fee is for attorney’s fees. Our attorney’s fees are based on the complexity of each case. A free consultation must be completed in order to obtain a quote of our fees.  Other fees generally apply to most cases. Court filing fee ($310 to $335), credit report fee ($45), and costs associated with completing the mandatory credit counseling and debtor education courses ($10 to $25). 

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The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys at MacLean Chung Law Firm have the knowledge and hands on experience that comes from helping over 3,000+ clients and establishing a sustained record of success over 30 combined years of experience. From the first meeting to the conclusion of the case, our Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys provide our valued clients with the highest levels of personal service and individual attention.


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