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SCAM ALERT! – “Creditors” Collecting Debt After Bankruptcy

I have recently  been alerted by several previous clients of a certain scam.  The sad truth is that scams are everywhere, especially scams through the phone,…so everyone has to be on high alert.  Several of my previous clients from years ago, have informed me that they have been contacted by people over the phone wherein they demand payment for an old debt.  The so-called debt was allegedly incurred before they filed their bankruptcy case.  After being informed of the previous bankruptcy case, the alleged “debt collector” states that it does not matter since their debt was not included in the bankruptcy case.

In 99% of all chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, omitted debt is still considered discharged. So this is completely untrue.

If you are contacted by one of these “debt collectors” after your successful bankruptcy case here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Ask them for their full name.
  2. Ask them for the full name of their company.
  3. Ask them for their phone number.
  4. Ask them to mail you a copy of their bill to your address.
  5. Inform them of your previous bankruptcy case.
  6. Give them your bankruptcy attorney’s information.
  7. Tell them that if they contact you again, you will sue them in court.
  8. If they continue to contact you, create a record of all their contacts.

What is telling about these callers is that they will refuse to give you any information about who they are, their company, their address or their phone number.  They will simply continue to harass you and demand payment with threats of judgments and even possibly jail.

I recently met with an elderly lady on social security who was almost scared into filing bankruptcy because the scammer had convinced her that she owed them money on a Citibank account of which she had no recollection.  But interestingly, they refused to send her a statement of any kind.

These scammers continue to make these calls because many people will eventually give up and send them money.  But don’t give in to these scammers and always let your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney know what you are dealing with so that we can help you to ward off these criminals.


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