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As the new year approaches, I cannot think of a better way to start the new year than to get a fresh start with bankruptcy.  Put the weight of the past behind you and start over.  Why carry your debts and anxiety into the new year?  Most people file for bankruptcy a little late.  If they had filed earlier, they could have saved money, preserved emotional well-being and gotten an early start to rebuilding their credit.

I know what a difficult decision bankruptcy is for people.  And I’m willing to do all I can to give you the motivation to come in and learn about it from a qualified bankruptcy attorney.  Now, our initial consultation is free but we are willing to do even more to help you out.  If you contact us and sign up before the new year (January 1, 2011), we’ll pay your filing fee ($306.00).  That right, you’ll save $306.00 off our regular fees.  But you must specifically mention this blog post and ask for the special.  And you cannot combine this special with any other offer.  It’s not a special we can offer to everyone, because we’d probably be out of business if we did.  But if you’re the type of person that reads every article on a website, your diligence has just paid off.

We know that bankruptcy is a difficult decision.  You want to pay your bills and you want to avoid the stigma of filing for bankruptcy.  Almost everyone I talk to is in the same position as you are.  No one plans on filing until they are forced to do so.  But the sad thing is that if they had filed a little bit sooner, they could have saved thousands of dollars in money they could have kept for themselves and they could have started on the important task of rebuilding their credit.

Many people wait until they are harassed at work, sued in court, until their wages are garnished, or until all their money in their bank account magically disappears from a bank levy.  Don’t wait until its late.  Take control of your finances and make the step to learn whether or not bankruptcy would be right in your situation.

All you need to do is to call our office and set up a FREE initial consultation.  A bankruptcy attorney will explain the process and will give you an initial assessment of whether or not you qualify.  What other incentive do you need to learn about bankruptcy?


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