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Do you have old debts that have been stalking you for years?  Credit card companies calling you and threatening you?  It is time to put your past behind you and start off 2012 with a fresh start.

I know that its hard to even think about filing for bankruptcy.  You are not the only one who feels guilt and shame at the thought of filing bankruptcy.  But why live with debts that you can never pay off, especially when they are affecting your family’s livelihood?

Many people think that debt consolidation or debt settlement instead of bankruptcy is the way to go.  But they are rarely successful and the debt consolidation and settlement industry is fraught with unscrupulous companies that will essentially defraud you and gladly take your money in the process.

Bankruptcy protection is provided by federal law.  Bankruptcy is such an important concept that it was mentioned in the United States Constitution by our founding fathers.  Even hundreds of years ago, people realized the importance a fresh start could give to people.

It is not uncommon that most people think that only bad people file for bankruptcy.  People that don’t care about living up to their word and paying off their debts.  I can tell you from years of experience that this is absolutely not true.  The overwhelming majority of people (99%) only file bankruptcy because it is the only option they have left.  And because of the financial times we are in, more and more people are coming to that end.

People start the bankruptcy process with extreme stress and anxiety.  They are stressed from the overwhelming weight of their debts and the unknown consequences of filing for bankruptcy.  After they file, they are relieved when their creditors no longer contact them about debts they cannot pay.  Then when they receive their discharge they finally feel relaxed after years of struggle and anxiety.  Bankruptcy has the power to change your life for the better, but you have to take advantage of it.

2011 is now coming to an end and 2012 is just around the corner.  If you are overwhelmed with debt, its time to consider filing for bankruptcy.  Everyone deserves a second chance and bankruptcy is there to provide that for you.

Although most law firms, charge several hundred dollars for a consultation, we do not.  We offer free consultations with bankruptcy lawyers.  We’d be happy to just talk to you over the phone and give you a quick assessment of your case.  Or you can come in and meet with us face to face.

As an attorney, there are few areas of law where we can completely change a person’s life for the better like bankruptcy.  Its time to have a new year’s resolution of getting a fresh start.  Its easier than you think and we’ll do the work for you.

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