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You have received your discharge and your bankruptcy case was a success. Now, your focus should be to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. Many people file for bankruptcy, receive a successful discharge, and neglect to take positive action to rebuild their credit.  But neglecting to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy will in essence be throwing away...
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670 Credit Score 6 Months After Bankruptcy! One of the main issues when considering bankruptcy, is bankruptcy’s effect on your credit score. I have talked to thousands of people over the years and the most commonly held belief is that your credit will be absolutely ruined for 10 years if you file bankruptcy. This is...
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We’ve all heard it before.  Bankruptcy destroys your credit.  Well that’s true in some cases, but you’d be surprised to hear that in most cases, it is actually the opposite.  In most cases where our Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers file bankruptcy, bankruptcy improves credit scores.  What???  That’s right and its quite simple if you take...
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