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fresh start
The Wall Street Journal is reporting talks are under way to allow private student loans to be discharged in a bankruptcy.  Currently all student loans are very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy and only a very few actually qualify for a discharge.  When a person files for bankruptcy, they should be given a clean slate...
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A few months ago American Airlines filed for bankruptcy.  Many people fear bankruptcy and see it as the death of their financial lives.  What they do not realize is that bankruptcy is the best route to get a fresh start and their finances in order.  American Airlines predicts the same.  The Los Angeles Times reports:...
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Do you have old debts that have been stalking you for years?  Credit card companies calling you and threatening you?  It is time to put your past behind you and start off 2012 with a fresh start. I know that its hard to even think about filing for bankruptcy.  You are not the only one...
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