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Process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy
After you worked diligently with our office to get your bankruptcy case filed, you completed your debtor education class and attended your meeting of creditors.  But what happens after the meeting of creditors?  In short, not much…but there is a couple of things to consider. 1.) Reaffirmation Agreement for Car Loans. If you have a...
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You have worked diligently to get your case filed with our firm.  But then, now what?  After your case is filed, you must complete the following steps: 1.) Once your case is filed, you will receive an email from our office.  The email will give you a case number and remind you to complete your...
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Process of Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 The following is a list of the most common steps in a typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. Your bankruptcy attorney will notify you if you are required to do anything more than what is listed below. Please use this as a general reference for your case. If you have any...
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