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I was referred to MacLean Chung Firm by a family friend and I would refer them to anyone else who is in need of their services. They made me feel comfortable and was always there to answer any questions I had. Thank you again for helping me get back on track!

Aime B.

Great service, very informative and easy to work with. I was able to make payments, which was really helpful for me.I was kept in contact via email and text, contacted prior to my meeting of creditors with a reminder on what to bring to the hearing. It all went so smoothly, I’m so glad I chose Maclean Chung to help me through this.

Yvette M.

David helped me out probably in my lowest point of life. He and his staff have been assuring and punctual, professional in every way. With their help I got my life back. I’m so glad I went to this firm and followed David’s advice. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone I know. Thank you so much!

Jessica L.

Best LawFirm one could ever have. I am so thankful with Atty. David Chung, he is very helpful and accommodating. He guided me through the process. He is very knowledgeable and will tell you what is right for you and what you need. Filing bankruptcy for me is very embarrassing but they won’t let you feel the shame, they will calm you and make you feel at ease. When it comes to their fees, they are very reasonable and you have the option of paying it in full or installments. I’ve seen and talked to some BK lawyers and they are mean and charges too much. And some of the lawyers I have seen turned me down and referred me to someone else. But with Atty. Chung he reviewed my case and assured me that I will be fine, good thing I didn’t stop from searching online for the best BK attorney and their website popped up and decided to call them. Best call I made my entire life. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the guidance of Atty. Chung. Thank you so much. I recommend this place to anyone who’s seeking for a fresh start.

Jannah M.

When I was considering the option of filling a bankruptcy I called several local attorneys. I was embarrassed about my financial situation and wasn’t sure what the best option was for me. MacLean Chung Law Firm was the only company that spoke to me like I was a human being. The staff was very nice and informative. I was offered a free consolidation with the attorney who outlined all of my options and helped me to make the best decision. I am very glad I that I dialed their phone number and I recommend them to anyone considering bankruptcy.

Ms. L.

This was the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to do in my life they were kind and professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs their services thank you for doing such a great job I really appreciate it.

Terri A.

Professional, efficient, straightforward approach to business. They were able to answer whatever questions I had and super easy to so business with. I’m a happy customer.

Dena H.

Mr. MacLean and his staff were the best a single Dad could ask for. He was calm, knowledgable, and left me feeling confident with sound advice. My outcome was as predicted, and the services was well worth his time. Most everyone finds it hard to believe, a single Dad has majority custody with his two sons, and I’m proud to hold that honor thanks to Mr. MacLean and his hard work.

Kristopher B.

I filed chapter 7 using this firm and am extremely happy. They Made the whole process easy and painless. Customer service has been great and they answered questions and returned emails in a timely matter. I def use this firm again if I ever had to and have already recommended them to friends.

Shane R.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. MacLean twice. Both times he went beyond what I would call the normal layer. He always responded to everything, cared about everything, and made me feel special. He was always honest and upfront about everything and I can’t thank his firm enough.I highly recommend using his firm.

Brad C.

From the support staff to David Chung personally, these guys have been exceptional in helping me through a less than pleasant financial predicament. Professional through and through, and the staff that greets you is always exceptionally friendly. Have already referred them to others.

Jennifer M.

Special thanks to Mr. Chung and his staff ,these guys have been excellent what they do if you’re looking for a law firm this is it I will recommend.

Faisal A.

Very professional and excellent service. Great follow up and communication. Definitely would recommend and would seek their services again if the need arises in the future.

Scott E.

I was very hesitant to contact a bankruptcy lawyer, I read all the reviews and I did contacted them. They treated me and my wife with respect and helped us all the way until our Bankruptcy case was finalized. David Chung made sure our process was smooth.

Carlos M.

After having been quoted fees of several thousands of dollars for other firms to handle our financial crisis, MacLean/Chung were not only affordable, David Chung went well out of his way to resolve an issue our credit union had caused, and his calm, friendly demeanor was very appreciated through the entire process. I can’t say enough about David, and the MacLean/Chung staff. They’re absolutely deserving of a five star rating.

Scott D. M.

What a great office, so warm and friendly. From the moment they answer the phone to the moment you meet with the Attorney i genuinely felt i was in good hands. Any question and concern I had i was provided with clear answers and was never given the run around.

Adriana C.

I have to say David was my attorney and he was awesome and did everything in a quick matter. He assured me everything would go through just fine and it did. He is a very nice and respectful man. His staff Gaiana was excellent in any questions or concerns I had. She got back to me in a quick timely matter. I definitely recommend them to anyone! Thanks to MacLean Chung Law Firm for helping me become debt free!

Ricky M.

I used McLean Chung law firm to help me with with financial dept. and they were great. Mr. Chung was very informative and efficient. He offered payment plans which helped with the process . Everything went smoothly and quickly. His staff very pleasant too.

Laura T.

I was fortunate to find MacLean Chung Law Firm. I wanted to say thank you to Mr. David Chung and his staff for all their help in preparing and filing my bankruptcy case in a timely matter as well as their expert guidance and council through the entire process. The team was professional, courteous, and experienced with over 700 bankruptcy cases, all successful. They were able to relieve me of a mountain of debt and give me a second chance. I would highly recommend MacLean Chung Law firm to anyone going through a similar situation. Thank you so much.

Christian D.

David Chung was fantastic! Answered all my questions, calmed my nerves, and took charge and got it done! Giana his assistant is fantastic as well. Always answered my questions, saw me in the office and was courteous and professional. Thank you Maclean Chung Law Firm for taking such good care of my case. I highly recommend them for any legal issues they can provide help for.

Barbara K.

First, we all know that bankruptcy is a traumatic and embarrassing experience. You feel like you have failed, and now have to admit it to the world. David Chung and his staff were amazing! They walked me through every step, answered every question, and made sure that I knew that I was not alone. THANK YOU!!! If you are considering bankruptcy, go with David!

Julian O.

David Chung has been Awesome in helping me with my bankruptcy. They are All very professional n they do care about their clients. I have recommended them to my family n close friends and to anyone in need of their services.

Rod I.

The Maclean Chung law firm is very professional.He answered all my questions that I had for filing bankruptcy,answered my calls and sent me emails in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in filing for bankruptcy including my family.

Monica T.

I received the most professional and kind treatment from David Chung and his team.Everything when as they have described, extremely happy with their service, I recommend them 100%.Thank You,Sabrina a happy client!

Sabrina A.

I’d like to thank David Chung and the support staff @ the Burbank office. David Chung helped simplify and fast track, in resolving, my legal issues.I’m in a much better position, and I owe you guys a big thanks..Thanks again

John S.

Great service I was in debt bad and David and the law firm made the process simple and painless. If in doubt of what to do request a consult and they will guide you in the right direction. Thank you to the law firm for the fresh start.

Eran F.

Attorney Chung helped us file Chapter 7, the process was smooth and seemed fast. He is very knowledgeable and so is his staff. They answered all my questions, concerns and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Would definitely recommend them!

Yveth T.

Was a great process. Attorney Chung was knowledgeable and worked with us to get everything completed. He was with us on the day of our hearing, and everything went great. I highly recommend.

Anthony P.

We used McLean Chung law firm for chapter 7 we used their payment plan that was really helpful for us really great Mr.Chung was very attentive and helpful with everything and was also there for all the meetings also in court His office also was very helpful and nice will recommend to others.

Val R.

I was in a financial bind and reached out to the MacLean and Chung Law Firm for help. They were very professional, upfront and always got back to me with any question or request I may have had. They made the process to get back on my financial feet very simple and effortless. I would definitely recommend anyone reach out to these guys if you’re a little over your head in debt and looking for some breathing room. 🙂

Seb F.

I highly recommend Maclean Chung Law Firm. David Chung represented me in my bankruptcy case. He made the process very understandable and stress free. He also let me pay him in payments which was a huge help. The staff was also very kind and professional always. Since filing five months ago my credit score has gone up from poor to fair and was approved for my first credit card. I’m very excited for our future now. Having David Chung represent me was the best decision I have made.

Veronica A.

Great firm. Super efficient. Very reasonable and understand individual circumstances. Easy and simple paperwork.

Daniel P.

I recently used McLean Chung law firm for my chapter 7 bankruptcy. I did a quick Google search for lawfirms within a reasonable distance and compared pricing. McLean Chung is on the affordable end and so I walked into my free consultation expecting to ask a bunch of questions in order to reassure myself that this law firm knew what they were doing and a cheap price didn’t equate to cheap service. I was VERY happy to meet David Chung. He was prepared with a packet full of information for me. He explained everything in simple to understand terms and was very helpful. My mind was put at ease almost immediately when we sat down to go over my case. Compare this to the top dollar attorney I had met with the day before who pretty much gave me NO information at all and I walked out of there with my head spinning. I knew McLean Chung was the right choice, not just for the low cost but for the excellent service they provided. The ONLY issue I had was a few hiccups with communication. They sent out paper mail for a couple things that needed my attention instead of calling me which gave me a lot of anxiety because by the time I got my mail, I thought I had passed a deadline for something or my case was in jeopardy. I got really anxious about that but turned out that everything got handled and my case was recently discharged/finalized. I would just suggest that you stay on top of your case yourself by checking in and if you don’t check your mailbox every single day, perhaps request that they call you when there are any issues. When I did email them freaking out about my concerns, they were quick to reply and assure me that my case was on track.

Cassandra M.

It’s a difficult decision to file bankruptcy. David Chung was professional and he made me feel at ease. He cared! I would recommend The Maclean Chung Law Firm over and over again.

Sue K.

Maclean Chung Law Firm was recommended to me from my Daughter…Being in different counties, my case was handled long distance, by phone & by fax…Finally got to meet this amazing professional my day at court…David was there for me always even answering my silly questions and concerns…He made a very stressful situation bearable…I would recommend this firm to anyone who wants Professionalism, Compassion, and an Excellent Ear…

Lynda C.

Outstanding professionalism is what this firm about. Solid, understanding, very well organized. They were able to see right through the issues and recommend better course of action. I was able to negotiate flexible payment options as well. I would highly recommend this firm.

Garen M.

During a very difficult time in my life, David Chung and Associate Attorney Sebo Moradian made the bankruptcy process as stress free and comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Maclean Chung Law Firm as a very experienced and exceptional law firm. Thank you so very much for helping me!

Tammy K.

Attorney David Thank you for helping & assisting me. He explained everything very clearly my options. I am highly recommending this law firm.

Ronaldo B.