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Will I Regret Filing For Bankruptcy?

Will I regret filing bankruptcy?

There are many considerations prior to filing for bankruptcy.  In most cases, the debate rages inside a person’s head for many months or even years.  It is normal to want to avoid filing for bankruptcy at all costs.  People always think that filing for bankruptcy will be the biggest mistake of their lives and that they will regret it forever.

But in practice, nothing could be further from the truth.  Over the thousands of people we have helped, we can report that no one has ever regretted filing for bankruptcy.  In fact, our clients have had the exact opposite reaction.  Once they make the firm decision to file bankruptcy, they feel a sense of relief and have told us that they feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Clients always tell us that they should have filed years ago and that they wasted so much time and money trying to avoid bankruptcy.  Some of them made the situation even worse by engaging with a debt consolidation company.

Although bankruptcy may be embarrassing to talk about with your friends, it is not an admission of failure.  Filing for bankruptcy is pushing the reset button on your finances and starting over.  Its nothing more than getting a fresh start.     The sooner you file bankruptcy, the sooner you can rebound and have a great credit score….and the sooner you can get great loans and even buy a house.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you are doing so for good reason.  No one ever thinks about filing for bankruptcy when their finances are great and in good order.  The thousands of people who have received a fresh start with our firm have never regretted filing for bankruptcy.  Contact our office and have a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to explore whether or not bankruptcy is the right option for you.



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